The key to a good smile is having white teeth. Teeth can discolor over time through food stains or simply through aging. However, there are several methods that can be used to turn your teeth sparklingly white. At Todd Franklin, our team strives to ensure that you get only the best, most in-depth dental care. We can help you with teeth whitening you need for a radiant smile. Stop by our location in Lodi to meet our dentist, Dr. Franklin, and see what you can do to keep your teeth healthy and looking great.

Though teeth can discolor overtime, often times it can be an indication that you’re eating acidic food that is rich in sugar. Food that has a natural dark color can stick to your teeth enamel and eventually stain it, causing discoloration. In addition to whitening methods, there are some habits that you can use to protect your pearly whites.

Eat Veggies. Though having your vegetables should be part of your meal, they also help clean staining foods from your mouth.

Drink Water. Similarly to vegetables, drinking water will help combat staining effects by washing away the offending food in your mouth.

Drink Milk or Eat Cheese. Many acidic foods like berries that cause staining can be neutralized by a serving of milk or cheese. You’ll also get your calcium serving as a bonus.

If your teeth has become stained, teeth whitening methods can be used. These include using a bleaching solution on your teeth to help lighten its color and erase stains. To see what options you have, be sure to stop by Todd Franklin’s clinic, operating in Lodi.