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We use Modern Dental Technology to Improve Your Dental Hygiene!

  • Detect cavities sooner!
  • See images of how your smile can look like after procedures
  • Experience less discomfort and less need for anesthetic
  • Allows us to be more precise and extensive in maintaining your healthy smile!

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Todd A. Franklin DDS Uses The Best Dental Technology


Feel confident knowing Dr. Franklin can find the toughest cavities in their earliest stages. While 80% of tooth decay occurs on the surface of the tooth, a considerable percentage of problems can go undetected when using conventional technologies. Cavities residing among the pits and valleys of your tooth’s surface are traditionally the most difficult to detect using traditional x-rays due to the direction from which the images are taken. Images are taken from the side of the tooth, which may hide the cavity from the dentist’s view. With Diagnodent, cavities can be detected on the surfaces of back teeth, even when they are just beginning and would have been missed by previous detection methods. Diagnodent is a small, portable laser unit that detects even the smallest cavity and alerts your dental team with an audible signal and a numerical readout. This provides detailed information about the cavity’s size and location, and it is completely painless! This revolutionary tool helps us stop cavities in their infancy before they create larger problems.


Digital Photography

Digital images are available immediately to use in cosmetic imaging or to monitor your oral health progress. With Cosmetic imaging, you can see what your smile will look like after your cosmetic procedure and know what you can expect in your new smile. Digital images are saved electronically and show more detail than traditional photographs that must be taken off-site to be developed. Faster image availability means less waiting time and quicker treatment for you.


WaterLase Laser Dentistry to Remove Oral Growths, Treat Gum Disease, and more!

WaterLase Laser Dentistry

Feel great knowing our Lodi, CA dental office uses the latest technologies available. In the field of laser dentistry, there are new developments and technological advances unfolding nearly every day. Lasers are utilized in almost every facet of dentistry from surgical procedures to cosmetic procedures, curing restorative treatments to hygiene treatments, tooth whitening procedures and more. Talk to Dr. Franklin today to see how your oral health and appearance could be improved by this cutting edge technology. Waterlase Technology combines laser energy and water into a revolutionary dental tool that works without heat, pressure or vibration.Dr. Franklin uses this laser-energized spray of water in numerous hard and soft tissue procedures including cavity preparation, removal of decay and gum recontouring. You experience less discomfort and less need for anesthetic, all while benefiting from a higher quality of care. Even for those who floss, brush and make use of fluoride regularly, in some cases you may still develop a cavity. In between work, school, and your family, there is little time left to set up many dental consultations to fill each cavity individually. Now, there no reason to stress about an additional visit for your fillings. Dr. Franklin is a WaterLase expert who can perform a filling efficiently and effectively. Since WaterLase reduces your need for needles, which often take up the bulk of an appointment, your dental professional can do several simple treatments in a single seating. Not utilizing anesthetic can permit your dentist to perform treatments that require more than one procedure, all in a single appointment.

Remove Oral Growths

We are able to use Waterlase technology to eliminate oral developments or excess tissue in a patient’s mouth including gum tissue over an un-erupted tooth, small “tags” called papilla, and connective tissue growths called fibromas. These unwanted growths can drastically affect the look of your smile, but our dental office assures you that we can bring your smile back to it’s natural glory.

More Precise

A Waterlase dental expert can eliminate decay far more precisely than a dental practitioner making use of a drill. This saves more of the healthy parts of your tooth. Saving your natural teeth can save you from the discomfort and cost of bridgesdentures and implants.


Treat Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by particles and bacteria getting trapped between your teeth and gums. This bacteria can cause bleeding gums, gum recession, as well as loss of teeth. Waterlase Dentistry can be used to get rid of those particles to restore the health of your gums. Waterlase Dentistry has been shown to reduce bacteria and might even stimulate gum tissue development.

Ease the Pain of Cold Sores and Fever Blisters

Waterlase Dentistry can supply instant relief from uncomfortable cold sores and fever blisters. We might also use a Waterlase laser to perform other procedures not listed here. Dr. Franklin and his team can supply you with the details you need to know about other possible Waterlase treatments.

More Hygienic Alternative

We understand that the capacity for cross-contamination between patients in any dental or medical environment is a real and extensively recorded threat. WaterLase technology dramatically reduces this threat by working without any contact to the tooth. Additionally, your dental practitioner can operate with single-use, so you don’t have to worry about any possibility of contamination!


State-of-the-Art Technology, call Todd A. Franklin, D.D.S. (209) 334-4370