With the school season back in full swing, we know you have a lot on your plate! At Todd Franklin DDS, we are here to support you 100%. Getting back into the “normal” routine is difficult, and we often forget about our dental care being a part of that routine as well. Getting regular dental checkups is incredibly important to your child’s health, as well as your own.

Here are a few reasons to keep up with regular checkups:

Preventative Care

Be proactive! Routine checkups will reduce tartar and plaque buildup, and improve and prevent gingivitis. Small issues can quickly lead to bigger issues, if not properly dealt with such as tooth decay and loss, cavities and worse. Apart from dental issues, other medical issues can be discovered at your general appointment as well. Trust us with your family’s health: We know what to look for.

Fresh Breath

We are all guilty of the occasional massive sugar intake and forgotten brushings! However, bacteria build up, decaying teeth, tartar and plaque can all cause bad breath. A visit to the dentist can keep you on track to make sure your teeth stay at their health peak. We brush and floss your teeth and freshen up your mouth to make sure you leave mint-new.

Bright Smile

Just as bacteria can cause bad breath, it can also speed up the yellowing of your pearly whites. As we got through our daily routine, we constantly intake food and drink – such as that morning coffee or grape juice –  that slowly stain our teeth. At your checkup, we brush and polish, so your family leaves with smiles that stay at their prime until the next visit.

Money Saver

We’ve mentioned how small issues can become big issues very quickly when it comes to dental health. This is important to note, not only for health purposes but also for cost purposes. With proper maintenance of your teeth, the chances of getting cavities and having to FIX those cavities are greatly reduced. Be proactive and save money!  

At our practice, we want to be more than just your family’s dental appointment; we want to become a part of your family routine. Call us today at 209-334-4370 or visit us in person in Lodi!