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Dr. Franklin has a passion for improving the oral health of all his patients by consistently looking for new and improved treatments. He is proud to be a leading professional in the dental industry, with his years of experience in general practices. He has sourced a team of friendly dental experts who are eager to help you prevent dental issues before they become more painful, costly problems.

Your teeth are an essential part of your body! It’s important to keep them as healthy as possible so they last for a lifetime. You can trust Todd A. Franklin, DDS., to do everything possible to ensure healthy smiles for you and your family.


We know you take excellent care of your teeth. Even so, after years of wear your teeth may not be as strong as they once were. Injuries, your diet, or habits such as clenching your jaw can erode the structure of your teeth over time. Dr. Franklin is here to restore your teeth to optimal health, function and feel. He is an expert in restorative dentistry, and is sure to bring the brightness back to your smile.

Our teeth and gums are susceptible to a variety of progressive conditions. You can often avoid oral conditions by exercising exceptional dental care (regular dental exams and good care at home). Unfortunately, not everything can be prevented, and some oral conditions can occur despite excellent care. This is especially the case for athletes who experience injuries that damage or chip their teeth. Additionally, there are numerous other situations that can have an effect on your stunning smile: poor dental hygiene, limited access to prompt and regular dental services, accidents, and more. You don’t need to let these occurrences keep you from having a gorgeous smile. No matter the issue, we provide several options for restorative dentistry at our Lodi dental office to fix up those problem teeth and return you to your outstanding self.


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