Natural-looking restorations

Our modern technology allows us to provide tooth-colored filings to preserve your oral health.

  • Experience the feeling of renewed oral health with two types of fillings
  • Restore your tooth from discomfort and cavities caused by decay
  • Dr.Franklin and his team use the most up-to-date dental technology to make your visit efficient and effective

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Restoration in the most natural way.

Fixing your teeth without anyone knowing? That’s what we aim for with the most natural-looking tooth fillings.

No more cavities, no more pain.

Filling in your cavities will eliminate any discomfort or painful sensitivity caused by bacteria and harmful decay.

Modern technology and renewal.

We keep our team at the forefront of modern dental technology so that we can provide you with only the best treatment available.

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Why Do I Need A Filling?
A dental cavity can only get worse. When your tooth becomes infected with decay, it will require attention from a dental professional. If left unattended, it will slowly, but surely, grow much deeper within your tooth and trigger much bigger problems than a small cavity. They can trigger extraordinary amounts of discomfort and sensitivity, as well as lead to worse issues in your surrounding teeth. However, most cavities can be quickly repaired with the use of fillings.

Because Dr. Franklin offers the latest and most modern dental technology, you now may choose tooth-colored fillings that blend in with your teeth for a beautiful, natural-looking restoration. You may even opt to remove your old silver fillings in favor of new, undetectable tooth-colored fillings. Consistency in looking after your teeth is the one vital factor in preserving your dental health. The objective is avoiding disease, because once you have it, it’s difficult to reverse. Maintaining excellent oral health is much easier than letting it go and then treating it. The key is to prevent plaque from developing through teeth cleanings and correct brushing and flossing. If you are experience tooth sensitivity or have spotted a incoming cavity, contact our Lodi filling experts immediately. Let’s keep your smile amazing and healthy!
Types of Fillings
There are two primary kinds of amalgam (filling) used in dental procedures today.
The first is the most standard – silver amalgam. Named for the silver color, these fillings don’t in fact contain much silver. Instead, the filling products is roughly 50% essential mercury, combined with a mix of tin, copper and silver. In modern treatments, these fillings are most commonly utilized for the back teeth, like molars and wisdom teeth, as the silver can be quite obvious in teeth situated towards the front of the mouth. In some instances when the restoration is too big, the treatment of choice is amalgam (silver fillings) or potentially a crown, which is made by a laboratory. Since a composite filling can only be put in the tooth if it is entirely dry, it can not be used when decay is discovered under the gums. In these instances, the best choice may be an amalgam filling or even a crown.
The second alternative is composite filling, which was developed to be a more cosmetically attractive option to silver amalgam. This filling has a tooth-like color, and is ideal for filling out cavities in teeth in the front of the mouth. This material is also commonly utilized to fix cracked, cracked or broken teeth, as well as producing artificial tooth material to close spaces in between two spaced out teeth.

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