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Our periodontal therapy treatment maintains and restores your gums to their optimal health!

  • Experience expert cleanings from a trained hygienist
  • Remove plaque from areas that toothbrushes don’t reach
  • Eliminate bacteria and avoid gum infections for a strong, healthy smile!

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Get rid of harmful plaque build-up.

Eliminating plaque means eliminating germs and bacteria that are hiding in between your teeth and gums.

Stay safe from gum disease.

Our periodontal therapy treatment is celebrity treatment for your gums! Make sure they are well taken care of.

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Causes and Symptoms of Gum Disease
Gum disease is caused by bacteria in dental plaque, the sticky substance that remains on your teeth even after you’ve brushed in the morning and night. Remarkably, it is your body’s response to the bacterial infection that causes most of the dental issues you may notice. In an effort to remove the bacteria, the cells of your body’s immune system release compounds that cause inflammation and destruction of the gums, gum ligament or alveolar bone. This causes inflamed, bleeding gums, which are indicators of gingivitis (the earliest phase of gum disease), and loosening of the teeth, an indication of severe periodontitis (the innovative stage of disease). Practicing good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly (about as soon as every six months, or more frequently if you have gum illness) can prevent periodontal condition. Daily brushing and flossing, when done correctly, help eliminate the majority of the plaque from your teeth. Have more questions about the causes and symptoms of periodontal disease? Contact your Lodi, California dentist, Dr. Franklin, today!
Why You Need Expert Cleanings
Expert cleanings by your dental expert or dental hygienist will keep plaque under control in places that are harder for a toothbrush or floss to reach. If your oral hygiene slips or your dental visits become irregular, plaque develops on the surface of your teeth and it will ultimately travel below the gum line. There, the bacteria are safeguarded due to the fact that your toothbrush cannot reach them. Excellent flossing might assist remove the plaque, but if it is not professionally eliminated, the germs will certainly increase, setting off a more serious infection. Time for your regular cleaning appointment? Contact your Lodi, California family dentist, Dr. Franklin, today!
Consequences of Plaque Build-Up
The accumulation of plaque below the gumline leads to inflammation of the gums. As the gum tissues end up being more swollen, they separate from the tooth forming an area, or “pocket,” between the tooth and gums. As a result, the pockets motivate more plaque build-up, as it ends up being more challenging to get rid of plaque build-up. If left neglected, the inflammatory response to the plaque germs may infect the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone, causing these structures to be damaged. Another problem is that if plaque is permitted to build up on your teeth, in time it ends up being calcified, or solidified, and turns into calculus (frequently called tartar). Since calculus is rougher than tooth enamel or cementum (a layer that covers the tooth root), the plaque build-up will continue to expand, making your conditions even worse. Do you have plaque that needs to be removed? Contact your Lodi, California cosmetic dentist, Dr. Franklin, today!
Gum Disease Therapy
Utilizing a tartar-control toothpaste may decrease the speed at which the calculus builds up around your teeth, but it will not affect the tartar that has already formed below the gum line. If  your Lodi, California dentist, Dr. Franklin, or your previous Lodi dental expert diagnoses you with periodontal disease, (gum pockets much deeper than 3 mm with bleeding points upon non-traumatic toothpick probing), Dr. Franklin will insist that you undergo the gum therapy program to control your disease. The seriousness of the gum disease determines the length of your program. Our objective is to stop the bleeding and eliminate any doors in the mouth. As well, we aim to decrease gum pocket depths to eliminate bacterial re-infection. Bear in mind, healthy gums never ever bleed! The treatment consists of ultrasonic scaling, root planing and curettage (eliminates unhealthy tissue), and irrigation with prescription antibiotics. Depending on the seriousness of illness, we might advise oral prescription antibiotics, fluoride treatment, and antibacterial rinses. Also, home-care devices which might be encouraged for ongoing health of your gum tissues.

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