Stable Support When You Need It

Our implant-supported dentures provide a natural-looking solution for missing teeth!

  • Extra support for your gums and jawbone helps to maintain youthful shape and strength
  • Experience a new level of comfort with custom-fit dentures and bridges
  • Allow us to recommend the type of support that suits your unique needs

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Eliminate common problems caused by dentures.

When you have implant support, you will no longer experience sore gums, shifting, and difficulty speaking or chewing.

Smile knowing you are supported.

Implant-supported dentures are stable, and will gradually become a permanent part of your bone structure.

Personalized care with you in mind.

We’ll make an expert suggestion on the right type of dentures for your unique needs, so you can be confident in your decision.

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What Are My Options?

If you’re tired of your existing dentures moving around in your mouth, our Lodi implant-stabilized denture replacements might be ideal for you. Experience a comfortable alternative to traditional dentures that eliminates common problems, such as gum sores, shifting, difficulty speaking, dental adhesives and difficulty chewing.  Feel confident in the solid fit provided by implant supported dentures. The denture-supporting implants are positioned just below the gum tissue so that they will eventually fuse with the natural bone. Your existing denture may be modified so that it can be worn without disturbing the implants during the healing process. For those customers who have actually lost all their teeth, but have in fact not lost considerable bone, a supported bridge (permanent, non-removable teeth) might be the treatment of choice.  Dental implant-supported bridges not only replace a couple missing teeth, but they can also be a viable option for replacing an entire arch of missing teeth.  Not all clients are potential customers for implant-support dentures. For our California clients who have actually lost all their teeth and/or significant bone, facial and lip help, a detachable denture, which fits “over” the implants, will frequently be the treatment of choice. Other treatments for the loss of natural teeth are fully detachable dentures. Dental implant-supported fixed bridges permit the replacement of the natural teeth with a fixed (non-removable) remediation solution. In the case of a full-mouth restoration, implant-supported dentures are a great and no-fuss alternative. An implant-supported fixed denture is a lifelike set of teeth – including fleshy looking gums – that replace all teeth and remain inside the mouth at all times. It is securely and conveniently anchored by a number of dental implants that, like the implant-supported bridge, fuse to the jawbone and act as bone and denture support beams. Implant-supported fixed dentures are perfect for individuals who have experienced dramatic deterioration of the gums and jawbone, which is an inescapable result of tooth loss.

Why Are The Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures are best for individuals who have notable degeneration of the gums and jawbone, which is an inescapable outcome of tooth loss. Given that bones are composed of living tissue that need constant stimulation to maintain their volume and density, implants can keep your gums and jawbone active and well-supported. The stimulation of the bone typically comes from the use of your teeth; when your tooth is lost, the bone that used to surround and support them begins to break down. If this is allowed to continue, your face might begin to sag from an absence of bone structure.

Post-Treatment Denture Care & Recovery

Brushing twice a day and cleaning in between your teeth daily helps to avoid tooth decay and gum diseases that can result in missing teeth. Pay special attention to cleaning teeth that fit under your denture’s metal clasps. Plaque that becomes trapped under the clasps will enhance the threat of tooth decay. During your visit with Dr.Franklin and his certified dental team, we will demonstrate how to appropriately brush and clean between teeth when you have dentures. Choosing a well balanced diet with appropriate nutrition intake is just as vital to your oral health as proper oral care. With the standard method of implant installation, the ideal full-recovery time is approximately five months in the lower jaw and seven for the upper jaw. Although that may sound like a long time, remember that a “full-recovery” means that the bone has fully fused with the implant root. More recently, however, our experts have been positioning an implant and crown in a single visit, making it possible to drastically shorten an expedite the healing process.  Learn more about dentures and our various denture installation options today. Contact our Lodi implant-supported restoration experts!

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