Maintaining a healthy diet isn’t just important for your fitness and overall health, it also has a lot to do with the health of your mouth. Consuming excessive amounts of sweets or acidic foods can actually have a significant negative impact on your teeth. That’s why it’s smart to make sure you’re eating the right foods to promote strong dental hygiene. Here are some helpful tips from Todd A. Franklin DDS to help you stick to the right snacks.

Foods with high acidity can contribute to tooth sensitivity and actively softens the surface of your teeth, making them more vulnerable. Between meals it’s best to snack on foods with low acidity. Failing to brush your teeth promptly after consuming acidic foods will allow the acid to linger in your mouth, causing damage to your teeth. After meals it’s a good idea to eat something basic like cheese or milk to neutralize any acidity in your mouth.

Saliva is an under appreciated tool in the fight against cavities. It cleans food debris from your teeth and can also help neutralize acid in your mouth. People salivate more during meals than at other times of the day, meaning it’s safer to consume more acidic foods with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Of course brushing your teeth after every meal will eliminate any remaining food and acid particles that your saliva doesn’t clear away.

Tasty snacks that will help satisfy your appetite without detracting from your oral health are a must. Stay away from sodas, coffee and processed foods between meal times. Instead, look for yogurt, cheese, popcorn or nuts to keep your tummy and teeth happy. To learn more about dentist-recommended snacks and foods to avoid, call Todd A. Franklin DDS to book an appointment with our expert team.