Are you seeing a family dentist? When you have a family, it’s a good idea to start seeing a dentist specialized in treatments for the whole family. The first reason for this is convenience. When you have a single dentist for each person in your family, it becomes much easier to come into the clinic, especially if you’re busy and have young children. Even though it seems like poor reason, sometimes getting all your dental appointments at once can mean the difference between getting dental care or none at all. Another reason is that, as you age, the dental treatment you need for a healthy mouth changes, just as you do. Dentists who primarily treat adult teeth may not necessarily be able to provide your child with the care they deserve.

At Todd Franklin, you’ll find dentistry that is specifically catered to the whole family. We understand the inconvenience of arranging a trip for multiple people to the dentist, so we’re happy to provide comprehensive dental service all at a single location. When we introduce dental treatments to your children, we’ll make sure that we provide them with the proper communication and educate them on the procedures that we’re performing so that they know exactly what is being done to them. It’s important that your child does not become afraid of the dentist, so our clinic is made with the idea of creating a relaxing, comfortable environment so that going to the dentist can be like a field trip, not an exam.

Todd Franklin is located in Lodi, and brings top-quality family dental services to the area.