Looking for the right dentist can be difficult, especially if you need to find a dentist that provides treatment for adults, the elderly, and children. That’s why at Todd Franklin, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide specialized treatment for all ages. No matter what treatment you’ll need, you can find the solution that you need, all within one convenient location. Located conveniently in central Lodi, Todd Franklin is your family dental clinic, inviting all to find the dental treatments that they need within our doors.

When it comes to finding dental treatment, you’ll discover that our dentist, Dr. Franklin has a passion for ensuring that the oral health of all his patients is the best it possibly can be. We understand the having good teeth is part of having a good life. After all, if you’re constantly running into tooth problems, discomfort, or inconvenience, you won’t be able to enjoy the things that you’re truly passionate about.

Let us handle the problem of keeping your teeth healthy. No matter if your teeth is worn down from your diet, habit, or through injuries, we can help diagnose the problem and come up with a timely, effective solution. We can help you keep up with your dental hygiene, identify poor habits that can hinder your beautiful smile, and suggest alternatives so that you can also help keep your teeth bright and healthy.

Todd Franklin is your one-stop family dental clinic for all your dental needs. Whether you’re the elderly or need dental treatment for your kids, stop by our location in Lodi for the dental care you deserve.