At Todd Franklin DDS, we know that with school in session, your family is always on the go. We want to see your smiles stay at their peaks!

Here are 4 tips to keep your smile bright, even on that busy schedule:

Get Your Teeth Checked Routinely

Regular dental checkups are imperative. At every appointment, we make sure to reduce the bacteria in your mouth with a proper brushing, flossing, polishing and a rinse. We stop the little problems before they become more serious problems. By removing the buildup of plaque and tartar, your smile is immediately lightened.

Brush Your Teeth Daily

Do your part in-between regular checkups to keep your teeth in peak condition: Brush! Make sure to brush your teeth in the mornings and nights to keep bacteria buildup to a minimum. This will slow down the yellowing of your teeth.

Drinks lots of Water

Water washes your mouth! A proper intake of water, not only keeps your body hydrated – which means your mouth too! – but it also rids it of harmful organisms.

Check Your Foods

Fresh fruits, such as strawberries offer natural abrasives, making them perfect stain removers. As well, fruits and vegetables with a bit of crunch, such as apples and celery, get the mouth working and the increase saliva production to wash away bacteria.

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