There is a dental problem that affects a lot of people even if they are very careful to practice good dental hygiene. This is the darkening of teeth due to a variety of reasons. Discolored teeth are a source of great embarrassment to a person in addition to which it can cause a person to look older than necessary. Most people who have this problem suffer from a great loss in confidence and find themselves unable to smile or laugh without reservation.

Many people have teeth that have become yellow or discolored due to a variety of reasons. The main reason for a person’s teeth to become yellow is age. Another reason could be that they consume food and drinks such as tea, coffee or red wine in large quantities. Consuming tobacco, whether by chewing or smoking can also cause teeth to get stained an unattractive yellow or brown. Treatment with certain antibiotics can also cause teeth to get stained. A root canal treatment, in which the root of a tooth has been killed, can also cause a tooth to change in color.

The simplest way to sort out this problem is to use a tooth whitening agent. There are many options for whitening your teeth and we offer them to you at our dental clinic in Lodi, LA. They are able to lighten the color of the tooth considerably but are not effective at making the tooth completely white in color. Even so, the result is usually a good one because you have a brighter smile after the treatment and will look considerably younger and attractive.

At Todd A. Franklin we offer you very good teeth whitening treatment in the form of professional bleaching. We use whitening products that contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as active ingredient. These whitening products result in the release of oxygen which bleaches the enamel of your teeth. We apply these products to your teeth after protecting your gums with a rubber shield or a gel first. Your treatment will usually last for a month or so. The initial treatments will be done at the clinic while you can continue the remaining treatments at home.

We also offer you laser whitening treatments that are more expensive than bleaching. They are very powerful and can whiten your teeth considerably.

Both these treatments are reasonably long lasting and your teeth will remain white for at least three years. Needless to say, you have to take good care of them and should avoid doing the same things that caused your teeth to get discolored in the first place. There are home whitening kits and tooth pastes but we do not advise that you use them because they are not very effective. Dr. Franklin at our Lodi, CA clinic will explain the various options available to you and you can select the one that is most suited to your requirements. Your teeth will look considerably whiter and brighter and you will also look younger as a result.